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“Work on the ground floor slab is progressing with the concrete pour for the majority of the slab taking place on the 8th of November. This is our largest single pour to date involving 1,500 tonnes of concrete being poured over a 20 hour period. The remainder of the ground floor slab will be completed in November and the columns and retaining walls between the ground floor slab and level 1 will commence. At the South end of the site under Tower B the rock blasting is continuing and the progress in this area will allow the mass concrete pour to the core area and the column footings to commence.” – Stephen Bush

November 07, 2018

Stephen Bush is our Project Manager with more than 30 years of experience and a proven track record of success in delivering multi-million-dollar projects. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from Bradford University in England and early in his career, he served as Lieutenant in the Corps of Royal Engineers for 3 years and attended Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as well as the Royal School of Military Engineering.

On completion of his commission he entered the Construction Industry working for major construction companies in England projects included the Channel tunnel and the second tallest building in England on Canary Wharf in London.  He moved overseas in 1993 during his time overseas he has held senior operational and project management roles in Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Trinidad, Mauritius, Myanmar and now we are pleased to have him with us in Sri Lanka.

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