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Tower A

Tower A

Tower B

A1 - 1 Bedroom

A1 - 1 Bedroom

A2 - 1 Bedroom

A3 - 1 Bedroom

A4-A - 2 Bedroom

A4-B - 2 Bedroom

A5 - 2 Bedroom

A6 - 1 Bedroom

A7-A - 1 Bedroom

A7-B - 1 Bedroom

A8 - 1 Bedroom

A9 - 2 Bedroom

understated style
& quiet tranquility. service is highly personal.

The designer residences at The Beachfront represents the latest evolution in upscale apartments. Personally curated with exquisite taste and style, interiors have been designed exclusively by the MIAJA Design Group for The Beachfront.

Careful eyes distinguished each private apartment with special attention to detail and elegance. With the help of internationally renowned designers, the selection of interior finishes is second-to-none. A vision borne of water, air and earth seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls, high ceilings and private balconies offer residents unobstructed views of the outside world combined with the peace of mind of nobody looking in.

awake with the first
rays of sunlight.


unwind on your
daybed on the private
sun terrace

or take a rain
shower in the
open air.

The One and Only Fully-Integrated Beachfront Apartments Guaranteeing Returns of 6% Nett for 5 Years. Paid in US$