The Location


Balapitiya is a traditional Sri Lankan fishing village located in the South of Sri Lanka, on the island’s famous West Coast, within 60 minutes drive from Colombo and 90 minutes from the international airport.

It was, at one time, an important administrative centre for the British but has since reverted to its languid beachside lifestyle. The hinterland is blessed with sweet water lagoons and the Madu River,  both of which attract an amazing proliferation of flora and fauna. Many of the old mansions and estates in the area have been converted into boutique hotels and villas.

Whilst the facilities and services at The Beachfront will more than adequately occupy your time, a host of attractions for which Sri Lankans are justifiably proud of are within easy reach. The major beach resort of Bentota is a short distance to the North. To the South is the ‘surfers’ paradise’ of Hikkaduwa and the historical walled city of Galle. Fishing trips and river safaris are easily arranged. There are quaint roadside food stalls and ancient skills such as mask carving to be enjoyed.

This is a friendly environment where families can congregate, relax, have fun and forget the travails so often associated with everyday life.

An Emerging Luxury Travel Market


Sri Lanka has a population of approximately 21 million, boasting the highest literacy rate in the region of more than 90% . Sri Lanka introduced economic liberalisation in the late 70’s, as the first country in south east Asia to do so, and has traditionally been the leader in most relevant economic and social indicators.

A highly educated workforce and an advantageous geographical location plus an abundance of natural resources has enabled Sri Lanka to maintain an enviable growth rate of above 6% of GDP.

Recent dynamic infrastructure projects such as the building of new seaports, airports, expressways and urban development schemes have added to the country’s prosperity with many more exciting projects underway.

The end of the civil war in 2009 heralded a spectacular new era for tourism. From 2012 tourist numbers increased at a rate of around 30% year on year. 2015 saw close to 1,800,000 visitors enjoy the pristine beaches, nature reserves, rain forests, tea plantations, animal parks and historical sites all of which are within easy reach of The Beachfront.

With a free and open national election in 2015 the government exists in a politically stable environment and is making long-term economic plans to ensure a prosperous future for its citizens and foreign investors alike. Tellingly, the World Bank’s acclaimed ‘Doing Business Report 2015’ ranked the Sri Lankan economy as the highest amongst the major South Asian economies.